Chicken Skin Under Eyes: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

It is very common to see changes in our skin, as we grow older, along with it, many types of changes keep coming in our bodies as well.

Usually, most of the changes are seen on our face like when we are in adolescence then pimples appear on our face and it is very common, in adolescence acne happens to almost everyone.

And when we get old, wrinkles start appearing on our faces.

Another change that is more common now is the appearance of small, white spots commonly known as ‘chicken’.

Well, you do not need to panic because these bumps are mostly due to accumulation in your hair follicles.

But if these bumps are troubling you like they itch again and again or something else, then you should meet your ‘dermatologist’ as soon as possible and tell them your whole problem.

If possible, when you get this “chicken” for the first time, then only then you should meet your doctor.

We have given you some smooth skin reasons and remedies below, hope you enjoy them.


Causes For Chicken Skin Under Eyes

Although there are many reasons for having “chicken skin” there are some which are more commonly found in everyone, so we will discuss them.


Allergic reaction

Although there can be many reasons for allergies on your skin, usually there are two most common causes of allergies, bumps or hives. And if you rub them (scratch) you can see swelling over them.

Sometimes after applying some other beauty product some small white spots develop on the face most of the time it is filled with pus or filled with redness which looks very bad.

But the best thing about them is that they go away on their own with time. And if you even turn to your doctor for advice, then in most cases he forbids you to use fried foods first.



Although milia are very small white pimples, these pimples are mostly found under the eyes or on the cheeks. Milia are caused by keratin formation in the pores of the skin.

Here let us tell you that keratin is a type of protein that helps in increasing the body and hair.
But when keratin clogs the pores of the face, it creates small bumps like “pimple skin”.

Milia is most commonly seen in children and infants but can also occur in adults.

It is not yet clear why keratin builds up in these pores, but the best part is that it tends to disappear on its own.
If it bothers you before that like burning or itching in the bumps then you can use a moisturizer which will help you a lot in getting relief.


keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pylosa is a similar condition but doesn’t harm your skin, which is often referred to as “chicken skin”. In this, rough and raised spots are formed on the skin.

First, let us tell you that “Keratosis Pilae” is formed by the build-up of dead skin cells inside your hair follicles.
And pale white bumps appear on the skin.

Keratosis pilaris can occur anywhere on your body, there is no hard evidence that it is more common in one place and you can identify it where hair follicles are present, which includes the eyes, face, hands, and feet.



As we told you that these rashes go away on their own, yet if you want to do some treatment, you can do so that the itching and burning sensation in your pimples can be reduced.

But if your condition worsens or you do not get relief, then you can contact a good dermatologist.
He will try to give you good treatment, if even then it is not right, then your doctor can take a skin sample or biopsy like you and send it to your lab test.

The latest reports can help your doctor to better understand your skin condition and rule out skin cancer if any.



First of all, treat them with your home remedies because sometimes they go away with the help of some home remedies.

If it still does not go away, then you should immediately meet your dermatologist, he will tell you some remedies.
Here we will tell you something about which treatment will work for your skin to your doctor. It may take a few weeks or months to show up and even then there is no treatment, so your doctor may want to consider something else.



If you have chickens under your eyes, then there are some symptoms that we have mentioned below.

  • Redness or discoloration around the bumps
  • Itchy skin
  • Irritation
  • Dry skin
  • White bumps
  • If you feel any uncomfortable symptoms, seek medical attention
  • Burning sensation around bumps
  • Pus oozing
  • Red or discolored, itchy rashes
  • Swelling around the bumps



If you want to prevent the ill condition of your under eyes, then we have given some precautions.

You should always keep your skin clean so that the dust that gets on your face remains with it because it also spreads a lot of bacteria.

When you sleep at night, always apply vitamin A or vitamin E cream, this helps in the regeneration of your skin cells, and the delicate skin around the eyes is hydrated and nourished as well.

If there are chickens under your eyes, never touch them and never open them even by mistake, because of this they can spread further.


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