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What is vaginal odor?

It’s natural for your vagina to smell because it helps protect your vagina from irritation and infection, as well as providing lubrication to keep your vagina healthy. That’s why your vagina smells.

Here let us tell you that your vagina makes a white-colored fluid, which we also know from vaginal discharge, its consistency and color depend on your menstrual cycle, at that time when your mental state is, that effect vaginal discharge. It is seen and for this reason, also foul smell arises in the vagina.


Causes of vaginal odor

It is normal for your vagina to smell because the natural secretions from its tissues often produce odors, but sometimes the smell becomes worse than normal.

Here we have given you some possible reasons for strong vaginal odor.

  • sweating
  • poor hygiene
  • bacterial vaginosis (BV)
  • trichomoniasis
  • forgetting to take a tampon out
  • douching
  • diets
  • hormone changes (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause)


And here we tell you that excessive odor can cause serious medical problems such as:

  • rectovaginal fistula
  • cervical cancer
  • vaginal cancer


Home remedies for vaginal odor

If there is a slight odor from your vagina and there is no other symptom due to that odor, then you can easily get rid of that odor, which we have told you below, if you use them properly: –

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best ways to get rid of your vaginal odor. It kills the toxins that cause odor.

How to Use

All you have to do is take a cup of vinegar, mix it in your bath water and keep your penis in that water for at least 20 minutes, and if you want, you can drink two tablespoons of vinegar mixed with warm water. That too will prove to be very beneficial for you. If you do this, the vinegar inside is acidic and has antibacterial properties that help kill odor-causing germs.

2. Garlic

This can also be a very good way to eliminate vaginal odor.

How to Use
First of all, you have to take a mesh cloth and put a garlic clove in it, after that fold it well, hereafter that keeps it on your vagina, and let it remain like this for the whole night.

3. Breaking Soda

All you have to do is take 1 cup of breaking soda and mix it in your bath water, after that soak the lower part of your body in water for about 20 to 25 minutes and here we will tell you that if you want, you can use breaking soda. You can also mix it with water, that too will be very beneficial for you.

4. Pineapple

By the way, pineapple is also very beneficial for our body, but if you drink a glass of pineapple juice daily, it will help a lot in removing your vaginal odor.


Vaginal odor ‘treatments’ to avoid


If your vagina smells, then use the remedies that you have mentioned very carefully and if you have any slight problem, then you must contact your doctor because the remedies mentioned in the online article are different and your problem There is something different that can also have a wrong effect on your health. Below we have told you some remedies that if you have a foul smell in your vagina, then you do not have to do this treatment at all.

Douches and Scrubs

Here we have forbidden you to use products like Douches and Scrubs because they not only help you in eliminating the bad bacteria causing the odor but also kill the good infection-causing bacteria, so Do not use them.


Sometimes some people tell you that you should put food items inside your vagina like garlic gloves, cheese, or curd inside your vagina, but you should not do this at all.

Because the food items will not help your vagina but will harm your vaginal microbiome.

Fragrant ‘feminine hygiene products

There are many types of aromatic substances available in the market like perfume, trees, and toilet paper which smell very good, but if you use them on your vagina then they can harm you because the vagina is a very delicate ecosystem. Which can be negatively affected by this aromatic substance.

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