Peyronie’s Disease: what is it treatment & Causes

The more complex the structure of the human body, the more complex its problems. Many parts of the body are so sensitive, for a little carelessness becomes a big problem. For example, many people cannot tolerate even a little dust and they get diseases like colds and allergies. There are many people who often ignore some diseases of the body. Especially people who do not want to talk openly about sexual problems. Not only women, but men also do not want to go to the doctor for these problems. According to experts, sexual problems should not be hidden, rather they should be discussed openly and a doctor should be consulted. Otherwise, it can become a big problem after some time.



One of the sexual problems in men is Peyronie’s disease. This condition occurs due to damage to the tissues of the penis. There is a lot of pain during tension in the penis of men suffering from this problem. It also becomes difficult for men to have sex in this problem.


Married life is affected due to sexual problem

The problem of the curvature of the penis should be taken seriously. It begins with the feeling of a lump somewhere in the penis and pain. This condition is experienced especially during the tension in the penis. If you ignore the symptoms of this problem, then it can be heavy in the future.
Signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease, prevention treatment, and risk factors, may destroy your relationship.

Such symptoms are often seen in such problems in men:

  1. lump on penis
  2. induration of penile tissue
  3. affect penis size
  4. Pain felt during penile tension


Sexual discomfort

When the penis of men suffering from this problem is in normal condition, then there may not be any symptoms. But when the penis is aroused, the symptoms start appearing. After the tension in the penis, it turns to some side. Pain is also felt in this. With time the pain starts reducing, but the problem of the curvature of the penis remains. In this problem, increasing pain during sexual stimulation indicates the seriousness of the problem. Men experience discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. There is a feeling of a hard lump under the curvature of the penis. The most problematic thing is that due to the curvature of the penis, the ability to have sex also starts decreasing. There is no clear reason for the curvature of the penis. There can be many reasons for this. Experts believe that this may have happened due to some kind of injury. Sometimes such injury is not even detected. Swelling occurs due to force or injury to the same area of ​​the penis during a sport, accident, or sexual intercourse. It also shows up as a scar. Its genetic reasons are also considered. If you see symptoms of this problem, you should visit a sexual disease or urologist for treatment. To find out the reason, the doctor first conducts some tests. During the examination, conditions like swelling, pain, etc. are detected in the tissues. After the investigation, an attempt is made to cure it through medicines. The help of psychology is also taken in this. There may also be a need to undergo surgery if it is not cured by medicines or other therapy.

Doctors also try to cure the problem through these non-surgical therapies after seeing the condition.

  • radiation therapy
  • hyperthermia therapy
  • vacuum erectile device
  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy


If needed, the doctor also gets an ultrasound done for the penis. The help of an X-ray is taken on the suspicion of calcium accumulation in the penis. At the same time, blood tests are also advised for men with diabetes or hormonal fluctuations. Generally, an attempt is made to cure through medicines, otherwise, surgery may also be required. The thing to keep in mind is that do not take any step without medical advice.

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