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As you know, becoming a mother is every woman’s dream, but there are some women around us who cannot become a mother, in such a situation, it is no less than a curse for them. But all these problems have become a thing of the past, today science has made a lot of progress, and IVF treatment is a part of the same progress, with the help of IVF treatment every woman can get the pleasure of becoming a mother.


What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization treatment is called IVF treatment. It was first performed in England in 1978. Earlier it was known as test tube baby IVF treatment is done by mixing male and female sperm by experts in the laboratory. When the embryo is formed from the union, it is placed back in the woman’s uterus. Although IVF is a complex and expensive process, it is a very helpful process for couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time or have failed other fertility treatments.


Why do you get the IVF done?

If you are suffering from infertility for a long time and your doctor is recommending you for IVF treatment then these could be the reasons:

  • If one of the couples has undergone a vasectomy.
  • Other fertility treatments haven’t worked.
  • Causes of conditions like PCOD.
  • Problem with fallopian tubes.
  • In the case of low sperm count.
  • Endometriosis.

Apart from this, you can also use donor sperm, which is beneficial for the couple. who suffer from any serious genetic disorder and don’t want this in their child.

If a woman and a man are suffering from cancer at a young age, they can save their sperm for the future. This is done because cancer treatment affects fertility. After cancer treatment, sperm can be used for IVF procedures.
We would like to tell you that you must consult an IVF doctor before doing any kind of procedure.


how to choose an IVF center?

  • Must check this before choosing any IVF center
  • What is the birth rate of couples undergoing IVF in your hospital every year?
  • what is your pregnancy ratio?
  • What is your pregnancy rate in our age group and for couples with infertility problems?
  • how many of them deliver twins and other multiple births
  • What is the total cost of the IVF procedure and hormone treatment?
  • How much does it cost to store sperm and how long can we store them?
  • Do you also do sperm donation?


IVF process

You should consult your doctor about whether you are a suitable candidate for IVF. The process goes through several stages. ovarian stimulation, the release of an egg from the female ovary, getting sperm from a man, Fertilization, and implantation of the embryo in the female womb. One cycle of IVF takes about 2 to 3 weeks


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