Your Best Guide On How To Avoid Pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy is like a bad dream which affects your life in many ways so something like this should not happen to you so you should know about the method of safe sex. If you want to save the ability of fertility for the future, then you can avoid pregnancy by using condoms, birth control pills, depots, and intrauterine devices. Here we have listed some natural ways to avoid pregnancy.
If you have already planned a family and do not wish to conceive in the future, you can talk to your doctor about a procedure like a vasectomy.


Pregnancy or no Pregnancy

To know whether you are pregnant or not, you can see this change in your body, such as the first symptom of being pregnant may be that you have not had periods for a long time, according to the time, if you have not had periods, then you are 4 weeks pregnant If you are pregnant about 2 weeks before your period you can do your test.

You may notice changes in your body such as nausea, tiredness, or tenderness in your breasts and some early pregnancy symptoms such as headaches or dizziness and bleeding or cramping may also occur and you may not even know you have had them. missed a period. Here are some popular ways to avoid pregnancy


Fertility Awareness Methods

If you do not know how to avoid pregnancy in a natural way, then you can use natural contraception. Natural contraception is completely natural. It does not use any mechanical, pills or devices.
Fertility Awareness Method (FAMs) It depends on a woman’s ability to ovulate in the month or not. To use (FAMs) you must be aware of the symptoms when you ovulate.


  • Have intercourse during a safe period (calendar method)Usually, the time of ovulation is 2 weeks before the period. By recording the days of your ovulation, you can plan your intercourse properly but never rely on it blindly because there can be variations in your ovulation and menstrual cycle.


  • Keep track of your basal body temperature If you can record your basal body temperature after your period, you can avoid getting pregnant because when ovulation starts, the basal body temperature rises.


  • Notice if there is a cervical discharge (mucus inspection method)Sex should not be done before 5 days in the early days of ovulation because a man’s sperm remains in the body for 5 days, by doing this you can avoid pregnancy.



Before taking any decision, do consult your doctor once so that you can proceed without any fear or worry.

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